Watch our workflow process


Workflow steps

Plan and define.

Ensure that customer needs and expectations are clearly understood with the goal to meet customer requirements while providing a competitive value.

Process Design and Development

Ensure that the manufacturing system shall meet the customer requirements, needs and expectations.

Product Validation

Ensure that the product meet customer engineering standards including appearance requirements.

Process validation

Ensure that the process applied is capable to produce products that consistently meet specifications at the quoted production rate.

Serial Production

  • Load the tool to the die casting machine.
  • Melt ingots
  • High Pressure Die casting
  • Casting quality control and rejection if a product does not meet the requirements
  • Trimming process
  • Deburring and finishing
  • Sandblasting
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Final Quality Control and Packaging
  • Product storage and safe delivery to the customer.