Research - Create - Innovate

Within the framework of the Action "Research - Create - Innovate" (EPAnEK - ESPA), the companies Rivimetal Ath. Rivios SA and Quintessential SFT IKE have undertaken the creation of an innovative system for Greek and international data, for quality control of aluminum components. The project aims to alleviate issues stemming from manual measurements and visual quality control by utilizing innovative technology called "digital image processing" to conduct real-time quality control and measurement of dimensions for 100% of the produced products.

rivimetal epsa framework
rivimetal epsa framework

In the project, our company is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Creation of conditions for visualization of measurements (where we record all measurements that need to be performed on each component)
  • Evaluation of results in real-time for decision-making (where we assess the results for technology optimization)
  • Ensuring Economic Sustainability (where we prepare a study for the economic sustainability of the project)
  • Participation in trade fairs (where we present the project and our company)
  • Innovation actions

The project website is: