It all Starts with Raw Αluminium

Rivimetal specializes in the production of high pressure
die casted Aluminum Parts.

εσπα Logo

εσπα Logo

Μanufacturing aluminum products via high pressure cold chamber die casting.

With an experience of 50 years Rivimetal has delivered products to the most demanding industries and managed to establish its position
in the global market.

manufacturing aluminum

Our strategic objective is to add value to our customers and secure our future success through :

Continuous investment in high end technology.

Increasing our capacity and capabilities

On time and defect free delivery of products

Developing strategic alliances with our suppliers and contractors

Provision of a safe and rewarding work place for our employees


The products manufactured in Rivimetal can be found in many applications and industries.

Rivimetal can produce
products ranging from
20 gr to 10 kg

Explore all the applications
aluminium products

Automotive industry

Energy industry

Defense industry


Telecom industry

Construction industry

Quality Policy

Rivimetal produce products that meet the specifications and requirements of our customers and are delivered on time.

Rivimetal is certified according to EN ISO 9001 since 1998 and EN ISO 14001 since 2004.

We employee the latest technology in Quality Control such as CMM machines, Rugosurfs, Digital Microscopes, and specialized gauges needed for each project.

For each project we implement the Advanced Product Quality Planning method and the processes required by AIAG and VDA including flowcharts, FMEA, Control Plan, Initial process studies (SPC), MSA, Initial sample reports, Material test results, etc.

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iso certifications

Why Rivimetal

We have the ability to make whatever internal changes are necessary to respond effectively to the changing outward environment, as quickly as possible”.

We ensure our long-term success with our ability to generate healthy profits, avoid heavily increasing expenses. As such we are our long term partner that shall ensure the delivery of results.

We optimize the planning of production processing costs during our quotation stage so as to ensure that our customers receive a competitive quotation that matches with their cost targets.

For us quality allows for resource-effectiveness in terms of time and manpower, which greatly reduces manufacturing costs. Our Quality processes mitigate issues that can lead to time-consuming challenges that slow down the delivery of the parts manufactured.


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