Aluminum, Zamak or brass die casting equipment.

RIVIMETAL SA is the pioneer in die casting precision types, Aluminum alloys , Zinc (ZAMAK) and Brass.
Generally the application of die casting elements is an excellent, fast, economic and qualitatively efficient process of production from ten up to millions of similar elements.It has the advantage that we have absolutely similar objects from the first until the last piece of our production, fast and by far more economically from any other method of mass production of elements.

The process is simple. We have infusion of desirable alloy via means of high pressure directly into a mould made of steel which is solidated almost instantly (from certain fractions of second up to few seconds if we have to do with big objects) in order for the casted object to be finally shaped, ejected and be ready for use.

The mould is manufactured from steel of high resistance in thermic distress and is capable to bear in productions of enough millions of items before it needs any repair or replacement. Some of the advantages of the die casting method for the productive process are the following:

Economically more efficient applied mechanic value production.

The elements that you produce are of high precision and absolutely same as far as the dimensions from the first up to the last element of production.

Capable method of production of difficult elements, as well as complicated and of high demand.

Long lasting duration of life as far as the mould.

Elements of high demand have a lot of applications (mechanical applications), decorative types (handles, spots, lamps, bases, cogwheels, locks).

RIVIMETAL is the pioneer in die casting precision types, has the responsibility to consult you manufacture and design any kind of die casting elements either of conventional machine of cold chamber or mould of multi-slide machine which is also unique in Greece.


Rivimetal will participate at the Eurogass 2016 exhibition show at Nurenberg between 12 –14 January

The international die casting industry meets at Europe’s biggest trade fair for die casting for the 11th time. The product spectrum shows innovative solutions for die casting processes like aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting or zinc die casting. The event also focuses on topics like rapid prototyping, die casting machinery, material testing and 3D printing.

New Job Opening: Production Coordinator and Quality Controller

Production coordinator (the post holder can expect to dedicate approximately 40% of time to this area of responsibility) and Quality Control (the post holder can expect to dedicate approximately 60% of time to this area of responsibility).