Die casting is the process by which the Brass is injected into the mold under very high pressure

Casted items made of Brass are mostly heavy parts, either decorative and are used where high mechanical properties and endurance are required. Its applications are various and lots in networks of power distribution due to its very good electric thermic conductivity.

Its main ingredient is copper where it ranges from 55% up to 70% and the rest is different mixings of aluminum, lead, silicon dioxide and other elements depending on the characteristics/prop


Rivimetal will participate at the Eurogass 2016 exhibition show at Nurenberg between 12 –14 January

The international die casting industry meets at Europe’s biggest trade fair for die casting for the 11th time. The product spectrum shows innovative solutions for die casting processes like aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting or zinc die casting. The event also focuses on topics like rapid prototyping, die casting machinery, material testing and 3D printing.

New Job Opening: Production Coordinator and Quality Controller

Production coordinator (the post holder can expect to dedicate approximately 40% of time to this area of responsibility) and Quality Control (the post holder can expect to dedicate approximately 60% of time to this area of responsibility).