Casted items from ZAMAK are of high endurance and hardness

RIVIMETAL is unique in its sector in Greece as far as the use of multi-slide machine, production of elements from alloy of Zinc (ZAMAK). It is the most productive method in constructing die casting elements and of very high demand. Pioneer also in this Sector RIVIMETAL is addressed to customers that measure quality and dimensional precision of their elements.
Applications are thousands in this sector too. Casted items from ZAMAK are of high endurance and hardness. They have excellent performance in electrical connections where we have high temperatures and where cheaper raw material is required. When high dimensional precision and stability is required, we provide certificates of whatever dimensions you ask for. It is also used when the application of components elements requires extensive resistance against corrosion and endurance. 

The most important is that it is a material that can be recycled without extra charge and pollution to the environment economizing natural energy and value. In addition, it is used mainly in different decorative items, handles, locks, furniture, telephony, in types of computers, in defensive industry, in Car Industries.


Rivimetal will participate at the Eurogass 2016 exhibition show at Nurenberg between 12 –14 January

The international die casting industry meets at Europe’s biggest trade fair for die casting for the 11th time. The product spectrum shows innovative solutions for die casting processes like aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting or zinc die casting. The event also focuses on topics like rapid prototyping, die casting machinery, material testing and 3D printing.

New Job Opening: Production Coordinator and Quality Controller

Production coordinator (the post holder can expect to dedicate approximately 40% of time to this area of responsibility) and Quality Control (the post holder can expect to dedicate approximately 60% of time to this area of responsibility).